mCRC Liver Transplant Searcher William Wege

Diagnosed October 2021 in San Diego

I was diagnosed when I was 27. I have so many more things I’d like to accomplish in life. I love people, I miss how I’m unable to do things I enjoy and with people I care about. Through this journey I hope to help others once I’m back on my feet.

What type of treatment have you received? And, for how long?

Various chemo regimens, HAI Pump

How did you learn about receiving a liver transplant?

I learned on ColonTown about living donor transplants

What does finding a living liver donor mean to you? How do you envision it impacting your life?

It will give me my life back, a cure. And beyond grateful to my donor for giving me this opportunity for a new life!

How to donate for William

If you are interested in donating for William, please call UR Medicine/Strong Memorial Hospital at 1(585)-275-5875 and let them know you are wanting to be a donor for William Wege DOB 4/27/1994