mCRC Liver Transplant Searcher Lisa Hyder

I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in June 2021, after about three years of GERD and abdominal discomfort. Pretty much at the same time, my oncologist sent me for a colonoscopy, and my primary care doctor sent me for an MRI of my liver.

What type of treatment have you received? And, for how long?

I have had 12 rounds of FOLFOX chemo followed by two liver surgeries and one surgery to remove the primary tumor in my colon. After the chemo break necessitates for a bout with COVID followed by my last two surgeries, more tumors popped up in my liver, so my oncologist started me on FOLFIRI chemo. I have had 19 rounds of that so far.

How did you learn about receiving a liver transplant?

I learned about the possibility of liver transplant for my CRC on the wonderful Facebook groups run by Colontown.

What does finding a living liver donor mean to you? How do you envision it impacting your life?

A living donor will gift me with years of life that won't be possible without a transplant! I'll be able to spend so many more years with my family! I can attend my younger son's wedding this fall and, I certainly hope, see my future grandchildren.

How to donate for Lisa

If you are interested in donating for Lisa, please call UR Medicine/Strong Memorial Hospital at 1(585)-275-5875 and let them know you are wanting to be a donor for Lisa Hyder DOB 3/20/1961